Why I created Teragrub.com?

I tried so many times to start my own food business, but I just kept hitting the wall and never got passed it. Eventually realized that I’m also passionate about technology. This gave me the idea of helping aspiring chefs get started on their dreams to be a food business owner through the use of today’s technology.

Getting started with your startup is fun, but the hard part is attracting customers. This is the part where most restaurants will either make it or break it.

Promoting your business will cost a lot of money, and very few can afford this leaving company with limited resources behind.

There are no clear solutions to this problem, and online companies are not doing anything about it either.

As a Founder of Teragrub, I firmly believe that any businesses big or small should have a fair chance to grow which is why I’m offering our services to the world for an affordable price of 20.00 (based on your local currency)